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Payment Options

1. Credit or Debit Card

The payment by credit or debit card is completed on ALPHA BANK’s website in a completely secure bank environment in order to ensure the confidentiality of the transaction details. The site does not collect or stores in any way your Card details and for this reason you have to reenter them every single time you make a new order. When you place your order in the online store, the total amount is temporarily reserved/extracted from your credit limit of your card. The charge on the card is made when the order is invoiced.

Accepted Cards are: Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express.

2. Cash on Delivery

You can pay our courier upon receipt of your order. In this case you will be charged with a fee of 1,90 €. Payment by cash on delivery is only available for orders in Greece.

3. Bank Deposit in our Account:

You can make a deposit in one of our bank accounts (any relevant costs are to be paid by the customer)


IBAN: GR610 2602 0100 0099 0201 657186

Beneficiary: Peparithos AE


IBAN: GR34 0140 7690 7690 0200 2002174

Beneficiary: Peparithos AE

Your deposit should state your name and your order number. Your order will be shipped after the bank deposit is confirmed.

Your order will be kept for 3 working days. If the deposit is not made within this time period, your order will be released and you will have to make the enitre order from the beginning.

Payment by bank deposit to our account is only available for orders in Greece.